Paul Rand Exhibit | MODA

I feel that simplicity is the best component a design can have. It’s so easy for a designer to clutter a composition with stuff. We feel something is missing, so we throw everything in our arsenal at it. Though most of the time it just needs to be stripped down to its good ol’ bones. There’s already so much noise around us - a clean photograph, painting, or logo is a breath of fresh air [well, for the eyes].

[for example, let’s just talk about this TINY house for a moment, shall we? Though I definitely would not want to live in a 3-ft. wide house, I love the idea of getting back to the essentials. Count on one hand what you need and for goodness sake, make a 3-ft. wide house with it!] 

Graphic designer Paul Rand (1914 – 1996) is a man after my own heart. He valued simple, intelligent designs and is responsible for some of the world’s most famous logos, like ABC, IBM, UPS, & Steve Jobs’ NeXT. Steve Jobs himself called Rand the greatest living graphic designer, and he had huge influence in incorporating design into business in the 50s and 60s.

All that to say, he’s a big deal and the design world has a lot to thank him for. If you’re an Atlantian, do yourself a favor and go see the exhibit on his work at Museum of Design Atlanta in Midtown! [The exhibit is showing until January 26, 2014 and is curated by Daniel Lewandowski, creator of the website]