Meet Maddie

On Halloween, Maddie [ designer & author of Maddie Richardson: a Lifestyle Blog ] and I went on a photo walk down a stretch of the Beltline trail. One of my favorite things about Atlanta is how there are so many examples of the collision of nature & city and this trail is a prime example of such a collision. The community is drawn to this place that wraps around the city and connects the scattered neighborhoods together. It's filled with sculptures and graffiti art and it's beautiful to see how people bring pieces of themselves to help take ownership of our city.

We finished the evening at H. Harper Station for good food and good conversation. She won me over with her mentions of Amy Grant Christmas, Ria's Bluebird, and deviled eggs :) Great night. I'm thankful for good food, good art, & new friendships.


30 points if you can spot the pup.....