Into the Woods

A trip to the woods is always good for the soul. Especially when that trip to the woods involves finding your Christmas tree! There's something so satisfying about picking out that one tree, chopping it down, dragging it into the truck, and taking it into your home to hang out with you for the next month or so. { I say all of this hypothetically, of course. I had no part in the picking, the chopping, the dragging, or the taking of this particular tree.... Though I did watch the whole process AND document it, which could arguably be considered the most important part ;) } 

The mission was to find our dear friend Matthew the perfect Christmas tree. After seeing the giant line of families at the local pick-your-own tree place, we drove to the Revell farm to make our ancestors proud and cut down our own tree. The womenfolk were just minding our own business and chatting on the porch, when out of the corner of our eyes, we see a GIANT tree falling over. Ambitiously, the boys found this 15-foot tree, cut that sucker down, and pretty much cut it in half so it would fit in a normal-sized human's house.

 A proud man and his tree

A proud man and his tree